Hello ! My name is SARA and I realize Creative Colourful Jewels.

They are all unique handmade objects made in Italy in my ARTEMENTA atelier near Milan.

Remember that a handmade JEWEL it will never be a copy or a reproduction.

A HANDMADE jewel will always be UNIQUE
and for this it has a greater intrinsic value.

A jewel created by hand will ALWAYS be YOURS. “

My world is full of boho BRACELETS, coloured EARRINGS, sea glasses NECKLACES, hammered aluminium RINGS and much, much more.


Whether you have a hippie, boho chic, elegant, gipsy or vintage STYLE, or that you are simply an incurably romantic like me, you will surely find a solution to give yourself something unique to wear .

Bracciale boho chic colorato

The charm of stones, the colors of nature, the elegance and versatility of a metal: the MATERIALS I use are many, depending on the imagination and mood of the moment .


And then I love every kind of COLOR, from blue to red, yellow or green, turquoise and purple or pink, orange, white or gray. So that you too can choose the one you prefer, according to your tastes.

Anello in rame con malachite

If taking a look at my site does not find anything that completely satisfies you, do not hesitate to contact me: we will find the perfect solution for your customized jewel !